If the download button on the player doesn’t work automatically, right click on it and select ‘save as’, to download the original file. Most files are 320kbps Bookmark the site as I’ll be uploading some BIG remixes here ASAP!

48 thoughts on “Jungle/DNB

  1. BIG UP BREDREN!!! WICKED TUNES…. thank you for blessing us w/ the free downloads! Hope to see you sooner than later. Bless.

  2. Ez Bad Man!
    Been playin your tunes in clubs, at festivals & on the radio for years now.
    I remember, maybe 4 or even 5 years back, playin your Bam Bam Remix as last tune of a gig @ 6am and then the lights came on. Dancefloor didn’t even flinch! Kids just goin mental to it even tho it was end of an 8 hour gig. Was one of most memorable moments of my DJ career.
    Much respect & I hope you keep on keepin on bro.
    DJ Getafix (Auckland, New Zealand)

    • Big Thanks for the kind words, vibes and pushin’ them tunes! That’s a good show story.. Hype Hype Hype! Large Up DJ Getafix!

  3. I would to horrible things to own a copy of Worker Man on vinyl… that remix is one of the best jungle tunes I’ve ever heard, without fail! Big ups!!!!!

  4. hey I wanted to thank you for what jungle you have put out there I have one of the 10′ black label “returns” and it is not in great shape as I have been playing it all this time. But keep up the good work.

  5. Yes Krinjah some massive tunes here!

    Big up for puttin them on free DL!

    When I try to download it takes me to a separate page with just play on it :/ any ideas whats going wrong? Desperate to get a mix on with some of these bangers!!

  6. Big shouts to Krinjah for lacing me with all these cuts and remixes. Maximum respect – shout you out over the radio program any time I drop one. Big up!

  7. Much love and many thanks from Nashville, homie. I met you when you came down here and played with our Konkrete chapter. Thanks for making all of these tunes available. Many many props.

    Keep the Fya blazin 2 di max and teach di yout bout original jungle tingz!!
    nuff raspekt !

  9. Easy ;)
    Love the tunes man cant wait to see ya set at Boomtown fest n Black swan nyt in Bristal been long time waiting hope ur journey over is’nt to bad.
    Leg end for downloads bro keep it Real matey P,L,U,R :p

  10. Saw you at Boomtown 2012, heard it was your first UK gig.. Absolutely smashed it mate!! Bigups to the Jungle viiibeezzz :) How do i get some of your tracks? The download thing doesn’t seem to work..

  11. Yer jams are all so good. Some of my fav jungle out there. I bought a random 10″ press with the name Krinjah and Sizzla written on it in marker, back in ~2003. ! have always been on the look out for yer tracks since then. Keep the vibe alive.

  12. Ez Krinnnnnjah!

    Big up for all the free tuneses, n great to see u crossing the pond for Boomtown, made my weekend.

    Any chance you could up Ms. Goodie Goodie Bounce? Love that tune n been on the hunt for a 320 for aaaages.


  13. Yo Theo, Sliz here. Been a long time since we last seen each other. We had some good times here in Denver and NYC. I know Ted and the crew still talk about you.last time i saw you was when Candace and I stayed at your place in Brooklyn. I know that Midnite is still in Long Island. Alot of people from back in the day still talk about the show we did here in Denver. I think it was the first time some of these kids ever seen a junglist do a live set on for decks. But anyhoo,i miss you buddy and i hope all is good. Big up rudeboi! Stay in touch @ sliztaylor@gmail.com I’ll send you some of the pictures Vroom the shows from the older days

  14. Krinjah,
    Thank you so much for all of the free downloads. I bought the Bam Bam Remix/Bawl Out and the Blaze Up/Send You My Love singles back in the day. Those were the only ones that I could find at that time. Last year, I bought K.I.L.L.I.N.G. off of the Rise EP on Juno Download… that tune has been my favorite of yours. I never thought to check for a website. I’m glad that I did!
    Thanks again!

    • Kevin, you’re very very welcome DJ!! Thanks for the support and kind words, they are both greatly appreciated. Stay tuned in, as I’ll be updating the site soon and uploading a bunch more JUNGLE / DNB!!

    • Hey Chris! Sorry for slow response.. Return should be hosted somewhere on the site. I’ll try and dig it up for you.

  15. Big Ups Breddrin! Mi a gwan listen fi InI music fi di rest of I life. Mi a gwan show it fi mi kids as a treasure if I generation! Classic Massiveness!
    One Love! Jah Guidance!

    • Big Upz KidContra!!
      No release plans in the works.. If you know someone who might be interested in pressin, lemme know.

      • I wouldn’t even know where to get that done hahahaha. I just heard it in an Aaron Spectre mix the other day and remembered how cool at tune it is. Keep on keeping on man, you got some ill tunes.

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