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  1. hey pal, are you gonna be playing any shows in scotland, glasgow possibly??? Ill come down to england and see you if I have to but Im just curious

  2. i just want to say hello and write that I love Your music and hope to see You in Poland , maybe not Cracow 26 april, but one day ♥ we will make a party and invite Youto Wroclaw :)

  3. hi
    I do not so long my own music with the korg.
    but now I had a question.
    the song: sound burial, is also available with just the voice?
    already very much!

    Ik maak nog niet zo lang mijn eigen muziek met de korg.
    maar nu had ik een vraag .
    het liedje : sound burial , is dat ook te koop met enkel de voice ?
    alvast erg bedankt !

    • hey Mathias! You mean an acapella? No dice my friend! My sincerest apologies but it’s just the original I remixed..

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