I grew up in a small town an hour away from Toronto Canada and would take the bus into the city to buy records and party. Toronto had (and still has) an incredible DNB / Jungle scene, with both local and UK DJs playing regularly.

After high school I moved to Montreal where I was invited by Michel “DJ Stabba” Dumont to co-host a small Jungle / DnB weekly at the Blue Dog Nightclub, where my happy ragga jungle complimented his darker DNB. I had no job (except for DJaying),no money, no internet and no cell phone, and lived in a tiny little room spending all day producing music on a Pentium II computer. My mentor DJ Jacky Murda had a vinyl lathe and helped me release some bootleg white labels of my reggae / jungle / dnb mashups.

Those bootleg mashups found their way into other DJ’s sets, and got me invitations to play in the US and Europe. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to travel all over, Portugal to Poland.. even as far as Siberia. I can’t thank all the promoters enough for hosting me.

Later I move to New York City for year and a half, hope to produce for pop and rap artists and build a career. New York was lonely though, and eventually I returned to my hometown to live with my Dad and go to University.

Following in my father’s footsteps, the last 10 years I’ve spent in University, getting my BA, MFA and now studying for a PhD. One of the things I’ve learned about in art school is about the politics of music, and how some of those bootlegs I made weren’t as cool as I thought they were. But I still love Jungle and DNB, and hope to make more tunes, so thanks for taking a minute to read about me.

I’d like say a HUGE thank you to my friends, mentors, and those people in Europe and the USA who brought me for shows. It opened my eyes to the world and I’m super grateful for those opportunities.